Who am I?

My name is Tara and I’m the person behind New York City Inspired. I have been madly in love with NYC since my first visit at 18 years old. After my first visit, every vacation I ever wanted to take was always to New York. I couldn’t get enough. So much to see, experience and taste, how could I ever see it all? Every time I went I dreamt of calling it home one day. 13 years later I now live in New Jersey not too far from New York City and get to visit all the time. It’s amazing. Every time I see that skyline in the distance my heart beats a little faster and I can’t wait to walk the streets I adore so much. New York City is filled with inspiration. The people, the buildings, the energy is like no other place. A city filled with so many different dreamers, the dream is contagious!

My husband and I live in New Jersey with our 2 dogs Oscar & George (named after George Steinbrenner- yes, we are Yankee fans!)

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  • What is the purpose of New York City Inspired?
    • Sharing the inspiration of NYC through my adventures, writing and photography.
  • What is a NYC Inspired life?
    • Following your dreams, taking risks, going for that adventure, reaching for the stars. One of things I love most about NYC is that it’s full of dreamers. People come from all over the world to try to make it in New York. If its for business, school, acting, or whatever it is, the city is full of people that had to take a HUGE risk to try to make it in this amazing city! Dream big and go for it!
  • What to expect on NYC Inspired?
    • To share all kinds of NYC inspiration including stories of my adventures exploring NYC, stories of inspiring New Yorkers, my NYC photography, recommendations of things to do in NYC including personal experiences, thoughts, pictures, videos, products, articles, websites, travel tips, and all things that bring through the inspiration and feelings that New York City gives. If you are an avid New York lover and dreamer and  like I am, I hope this can be a place where you can come to find inspiration and keep that love affair with NYC going strong. 

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