Appreciate your space: small space living #10

Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since my last post about inspiring small spaces, but I’m back to it!

These posts about small space living are inspired by tiny New York City living spaces. NYC is SO expensive therefore a lot of people live in smaller apartments and have to get creative with their spaces and styles. Today’s post is about small entry spaces. If you have a small entry space or maybe no closet space at your front door, here are some inspiring spaces to get your creative juices flowing!

If you want to catch up on some of my previous post click here, or head over to Pinterest and follow my board small space living to keep up with more small space living inspiration!

1. This space has ZERO space at the front door, and no closet space.  Adding the coat rack on the wall is perfect for this space, making sure the floor doesn’t get cluttered with coats and bags.

Small space living - front door

2.  This space looks super cute! I love the wooden bench and the hooks on the wall. It doesn’t take much to make the space organized and stylish!Small Space Living - entry

3. This apartment has no closet space at the front door, but this simple rolling rack allows for great storage.Small Space Living - Entry

4. This photo was the inspiration for my front door! Just adding a simple wall shelf gives that extra space for your keys, or mail. Plus it keeps the floor space clear for shoes.

Small Space Living - Entry

5. This entire wall was used for storage! Cube shelves, a flat shelf and a bar to hang bags! Very creative and a great use of space!Small Space Living - Entry

6. I thought these pipes used as a shoe rack was so cool! Very unique and stylish, but allows for great shoe storage!Small Space Living - Entry

As we head into autumn it’s we will slowly start getting more clutter at the front door with extra coats, sweaters and shoes. I hope today’s post gave you a bit of inspiration to keep your front entrance space tidy and stylish, even if it’s small!!

Keep checking back for our future posts about inspiring small space living!

*All photos were found on Pinterest!

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