Appreciate your space : small space living #3

Happy Wednesday! Today is our weekly post featuring organized small living spaces, inspiring us to appreciate our own spaces a little bit more. These posts are inspired from tiny New York City apartment living. NYC living typically means tiny expensive spaces, where you have to get creative and utilize every inch of space you have.

If you want daily inspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest where I have a board specifically called NYC – small space living.

Here’s this weeks top 5 inspiring spaces:

1. Even though this is a small space, they really make the most of it. An office space, and a wall of storage. With the wall shelves it adds so much more useable space.

small office closet space

Photo found on Pinterest


2. The use of these curtains to separate the bedroom space is such a great idea! If you want to divide your space up, or maybe if you don’t have a designated bedroom, this is a great way to add privacy to a small space.

room divider

Photo found on Pinterest


3. This little utility island is great to add counter space in a small kitchen. Add a couple bar stools and its an eating area as well, saving space if you don’t have a designated eating area.

kitchen island table

Photo found on Pinterest


4. I love these towel bars on the back of the bathroom door! A great way to store towels in a space that is typically unused (we never think to use a door for storage!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.54.06 PM

Photo found on Pinterest


5. Great book storage! These floor to ceiling shevles add a huge amount of storage to this space, and they look great as well.

great book storage

Photo found on Pinterest


I hope you feel a little bit more inspired to love your space! What’s the toughest room in your home to keep organized? Let me know in the comments below!

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