Appreciate your space : small space living #4

Happy Wednesday! Now that spring has arrived I’ve been in the mood to do a little spring cleaning! This past weekend my husband and I tried to tackle the whole house! 8 hours later and only halfway through the project, we decided that perhaps it’s a 2 weekend task! (In other words, if you show up at my house right now, there is stuff everywhere!!). There’s just something about the weather turning warmer, opening the windows and getting some fresh air in the house that makes me want to clean! So as I continue to make a list of all the projects I still need to tackle, here’s this weeks small space living inspiration, featuring the most creative and organized small spaces. Great ideas to inspire us all to appreciate our own spaces a little more.

This weeks top 5 inspiring spaces:

1. I love this cozy space! This tiny balcony is now a cozy space to relax. It looks really peaceful with all the candles and the cushions on the floor make a cute little seating area.  Great use of a tiny space!

cozy outside space

Photo from Pinterest

2. This reading nook under the stairs is a great way to use a space that many of us would probably use as storage for some holiday decorations! Store those decorations somewhere else and make your own little reading nook! How cute!

reading nook

Photo from Pinterest

3. This little eating area is great for a tiny apartment! I love how they took at wall shelf and put it in front of the window with a couple bar stools. It feels like your eating at a little cafe somewhere. A little kitchen space is no longer a problem with this solution!

small eating space

Photo from Pinterest

4. Imagine how much cabinet space you would save with this rack above the stove?!? Not to mention everything is right there where you need it! Great idea for a small kitchen or even a kitchen that doesn’t have alot of cabinet space!

small kitchen

Photo from Pinterest

5. Another great use of space under the stairs! A little office space! Actually this isn’t so little, look at all the storage space they have with the shelves and drawers!

tiny office under the stairs

Photo from Pinterest

If you want daily inspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest where I have a board specifically called NYC – small space living.

What inspires you when reorganizing? Let me know in the comments below!

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