Appreciate your space : small space living #8

Happy Wednesday! Today is our weekly post inspired by tiny New York City apartments, where small space living is pretty much a must. New Yorkers have to get creative with decorating, storing and organizing their stuff in order to keep their sanity and their rent at a tolerable level. In these weekly post’s I highlight some inspiring spaces hopefully encouraging us all to appreciate our own spaces a little more.  Today’s post is dedicated to….shoe storage! If you area self proclaimed shoe hoarder or maybe just dream of being one (like me), these 5 posts feature different small spaces where shoe storage has been creatively tackled and the space looks great and organized!

1. This wall featuring the floor to ceiling shelves is so well organized. From the bins, to all the shoes and even a tiny spot for a little tv, this persons priorities are obviously on fashion and they don’t let clutter get in the way of their desire for shoes, shoes and more shoes!

smallspace shoe storage

Photo found on Pinterest

2. What a creative way to organize your shoes!! I saw a few posts about this on Pinterest. Some are for a DIY version of this where you take a shoe rack like this one and cut it up and staple it to your box spring. Once the bed skirt covers it, you would even know its there. Great idea!


Photo found on Pinterest

3. Above the door shelving is a great way to store some of your “out of season” items like boots or warmer shoes in the summer when you don’t need them. They are still accessible but out of the way.

small space - shoe storage

Photo found on Pinterest

4. This DIY crown molding solution is a great way to hang your heels in the closet and off the floor! More floor space is always a good thing!


Photo found on Pinterest

5. Add an extra rod in your closet and hang all your shoes! Pretty smart idea!

shoe storage

Photo found on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed this weeks shoe storage inspiration! I’ll admit my shoes are in a rubbermaid bin in my closet so I think I should take some of this advice and go work on some organizing myself! Whats your biggest challenge with shoe storage? Let me know in the comments below!

To all the Pinners reading this, I’m on Pinterest and pin a lot of inspiration on NYC – small space living.

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