Appreciate your space : small space living #9

Today is our weekly post featuring organized small living spaces, inspiring us to appreciate our own spaces a little bit more. These posts are inspired from tiny New York City apartment living. NYC living means tiny yet REALLY expensive spaces, where you have to get creative and utilize every inch of space you have. Go into a typical New Yorkers tiny apartment and you might just find their winter clothes being stored in the oven…I mean, where else are you going to put them? So today’s post is dedicated to those tiny spaces with no closet space! So if your room is lacking closet space, or maybe you just need some creative ideas for your expanding wardrobe, check out these 5 spaces.

1. Even though this room has no closet space, they’ve taken a couple simple clothes racks and a few wall shelves and organized it in a way that you don’t even think twice about the lack of closets.


Photo courtesy Pinterest

2. With this built in clothes rack it gives more stability for the heavier items like jackets and sweaters. It takes up very little room but utilizes the space all the way up to the ceiling.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

3. This is a cute way to store belts, ties, hats, etc. By giving everything a designated place on the wall, in addition to the frame around it, it looks like a display in a store!


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

4. Gotta love Ikea! They’ve used curtain rods to display the shoes, shelving with baskets, and another curtain rod to hang clothes on. It looks great and would probably be a pretty cheap way to organize all of your stuff.

no closet

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

5. I thought this was an interesting and simple way to hang clothes. It could even be used as a temporary solution when guests come over. Only a few supplies needed for a simple fix like this one!


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s small space inspiration post! I’m feeling a bit more inspired to go clean out my closets! What is your biggest hurdle with storing your clothes? Not enough closet space or is the storage terrible in your closet? Let me know in the comments below.

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