Autumn in New York : The Mall

This is the first part (of many) of my Autumn in New York series. I’m starting with Central Park, specifically The Mall. This area of Central Park is so iconic. If you’ve seen pictures of Central Park, then you’ve probably seen The Mall. It’s a beautiful treelined wide walkway with benches lining both sides of the path. According to Central Parks website:

“Once referred to as an “open air hall of reception” by its creators, the Mall was specially designed to accommodate the width of carriages passing through its bounds. Around the turn of the century, these carriages would drop off their wealthy inhabitants at the Mall’s starting point, where they could enjoy the natural scenery and mingle with people of lesser status. When these visitors finally reached the Bethesda Terrace, their carriages would be waiting to bring them to their next destination.”

It’s a stunning walk anytime of year, but in the autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful yellow color and as you walk down the path, the leaves fall on you like snowflakes. One year I just sat on one of these benches for probably 45 minutes just taking in the magic of it all. It truly is one of those magical NYC moments.

If you ever plan a trip to NYC, this area is a must see. Click this map to take you directly to the location in Google Maps.


I took all these photos October 26, 2019 with my iphone. Notice the brilliance of all the leaves!

Have you ever been to the Mall in Central Park? If so, what did you love about it? If you haven’t ever been, is this one of your NYC bucket list destinations? Lave a comment below! Stay tuned for more Autumn in New York greatness! I will be sharing another favorite spot soon!

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