The best of Brooklyn – New series coming soon!

Brooklyn, oh how I love Brooklyn. I love exploring around Brooklyn, visiting new spots and some old favorites too. Brooklyn has a charm and a character that is irresistible. This borough has so much to offer, history, architecture, food, music, even the beach!

If it’s your first time in NYC or maybe you’re back for another visit, I definitely suggest you explore Brooklyn. Of course I recommend seeing all Manhattan has to offer, but, I challenge you to head over to Brooklyn and see some of the charm and character it has to offer. You may just find yourself falling for Brooklyn more than you thought.

In this new blog series, I will share all my secret tips and favorite spots in Brooklyn. My personal list of some of my favorite neighborhoods, sites, restaurants and more in beautiful Brooklyn. Think of it like I’m giving you my own personal tour! I hope you stay tuned and keep checking back.

A little preview of what’s to come:

The Brooklyn Bridge (this is actually the view looking from Manhattan. The views from Brooklyn are better!)

The best of Brooklyn

The beauty of historic Brooklyn Heights 🙂

The best of Brooklyn

Brooklyn has the best views!

The best of Brooklyn


If you have specific questions about somewhere you want to visit in Brooklyn, please let me know in the comments! I will be highlighting lots of different areas and I would love to help you in your quest to explore Brooklyn. I hope you check back soon! Also, you can follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)  and we let you know when new posts are up.

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