Christmas in NYC

Christmas in New York City is so magical. My excitment to see and experience all NYC has to offer in December is the same as a child visiting Disney World for the first time. I’m giddy! From Rockefeller Center (which is spectacularly breathtaking every single time you see it). Radio City Music hall with all the beautiful lights, the iconic Department stores throughout the City with their window displays and lights. It brings a smile to each persons face walking by. New York is simply breathtaking at Christmas.

Christmas eve in Manhattan this year was so foggy. You couldn’t even see the tops of the buildings when you look up. Standing directly infront of the Empire State Building looking up, we couldn’t even see the top although it was all lit up. The temperatures were very mild though so it made it a great night to just walk around the City, which is what we did. Here are a few pictures from NYC throughout the month of December showing you some of the greatness NYC has to offer over the Holiday season 🙂

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Madison Square Garden on Christmas Eve


Looking up at the Empire State Building on Christmas Eve


Radio City Music Hall looking spectacular


Ice Skating at Bryant Park


The Famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

Christmas garland infront in Herald Square in front of Macy’s

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