Farmers Market in New Jersey

A few weekends ago we went to check out a farmers market, flea market and amish market in New Jersey. There is a large portion that is outside and a portion that is inside. They have everything from garage sale type items to fresh produce, lots of flowers and plants and some amazing food! We went looking for fresh fruit and spent several hours looking around.

This market was only one of hundreds all around the NYC metro area. This particular one was the Columbus Flea Market, in Columbus, NJ. It’s about an hour and 20 minute drive from NYC.

Here area few pics of some of the beautiful produce! In addition to how pretty it looks, the prices were so cheap! Most small baskets were $3 and large baskets were $5. All the pics are of small baskets!





After buying all that fruit, I couldn’t resist getting this delicious donut at the amish market. Wow, it was good!


 I thought this moss was really pretty over in the garden section. I bought a few plants to take home too.




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