Humans of New York – Video

Have you heard of Humans of New York? It’s a really cool account (also on Facebook and Twitter) featuring New Yorkers on the streets of NYC and a little bit about each of their stories. It’s real life stories and you feel an immediate connection to many of them as they share a moment of their life. This video features the story of Brandon Stanton the photographer behind Humans of NY. It’s really inspiring hearing his story of how he started and watching how he interacts with people. It’s cool hearing him talk about how he moved to NYC with 2 suitcases and had no money. Now he now makes a living doing THIS and Humans of New York has 8 million Facebook followers! Just shows you, anything is possible! Dream big, do what you love, be who you want be, don’t let doubt stand in your way! 


I think, you know, we walk down the street and we see all these people and we do kind of wonder about their stories. The celebrations and the victores and that’s what people are engaging with.

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