Live the life you dream of

What do you dream of? Everyone has dreams, maybe your dreams feel like huge crazy life changing dreams or maybe you see them more as goals you hope to achieve in your lifetime.  So many times we dream of things that just seem impossible and therefore we talk ourselves out of them. Its easy to say to ourselves, “that would just be so hard” or “what if I fail?” or ” what will people think of me?”. It’s never going to be easy. The people we admire that are living the dream life had to work hard to get there, but they also got a lot of criticism, a lot of hate, and a lot of people laughing at them along the way. But who cares? What matters more, what people think of you? Or what you think of yourself?


It’s possible that one day you won’t be in the position you are now. If you dream of something bigger, go for it! I love this quote by Mark Twain. When you think about the regrets you might have in twenty years, it just makes you want to take that leap and go for that dream.

For us, we dreamt of living in the NYC area for years and years. My husband and I lived in Florida, had the 9-5 jobs, 2 cars and a mortgage. We escaped to surrounding cities on weekends for little getaways and splurged on things whenever we wanted because we had that guaranteed paycheck every 2 weeks. But the truth is we dreamt of something more, and especially dreamt of living our dream in New York City. It took me getting sick amongst other things for us to quit our jobs and take a leap towards a different life. People might think we are crazy, but here we are. Living in New Jersey, working for ourselves, living our dream. It’s not always perfect or easy, but we wake up everyday loving life because this was our dream. People will criticize sometimes as they can’t understand why we would want to “throw off the bowlines” as Mark Twain says in his quote, but we desire to “explore, dream and discover” and thats exactly what we are doing.

Wherever you are, or whatever your dream is I encourage you to go for it. Live the life you dream of!


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