MOOD (featured on Project Runway): A visit to NYC’s greatest fabric store

I like to sew and make things, and have an obsession with fabric! I went to check out one of NYC’s best fabric stores, MOOD. It’s the store they use on Project Runway, and even though I’ve never seen the show, I was told I should check it out, and I’m glad I did. It is definitely now a favorite of mine. It’s in the fashion district at 225 W 37th St. The elevator is one the cool old fashion ones with the gate on it which is probably why someone has to supervise the whole time or people (especially tourists) would probably be stuck in there for hours! haha. Once you get off on the 3rd floor it has a dramatic black and white striped entrance with a beautiful chandelier. Then there are 3 floors and aisles and aisles of every kind of fabric you can imagine. Different textures, prints, everything. They also have thousands of buttons, zippers, thread options, you could really spend all day in there. You also see tons of autographed photos of celebrities that were taken standing inside the same store. Here are some pics from my visit.


My discrete and blurry pic of the guy closing the elevator door 🙂


Ta-dah! The grand entrance, although small was very beautiful!




 So many different fabrics and a lot of great prices too! You could definitely spend hours looking at everything.


So many different colors of zippers and so cheap! Most of the zippers were either .50 cents or $1.00



Check out Mood’s website here

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