My first guest blog appearance

I was so honored when A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours asked me to be their first guest blogger! They recently added a blog to their site, so I was thrilled to do a post for them.

If you are new to my blog, last summer I was invited to go on a couple of Brooklyn tours with this company. It was a really great experience, and I learned so much about Brooklyn. I did two separate blog posts here on my blog about my experiences, and thanks to my husband’s video skills, we added some amazing videos from the tour as well. You can catch up on those blog posts here (A Brooklyn Pizza TourThe Brooklyn Neighborhood Tour) and see one of the videos below.

So for my guest post I decided to write a post called “Top 10 Reasons To Go on A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours”. This post was all about my 10 favorite things about the tour including, the best photo spots and movie sites. Head over to their blog to read this post in full. I hope you enjoy it!


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