New York City Inspired chair – DIY!

I really enjoy DIY crafts. I like to add my own touch to pieces of furniture around my house. If it’s paint, fabric, or something else, it’s really fun to me. I found a couple old wooden chairs at a garage sale for $5 each. My vision was to use mod podge and newspaper to cover the chairs to give a really unique twist. Due to the fact that I decided to use really small pieces of newspaper it took a really long time to complete the chairs, but it was worth it in the end.  You can do this same thing on many types of furniture and surfaces and you can replace newspaper with tissue paper, fabric, napkins, magazines. You can really get creative!

All I used for this project was:

2 old wooden chairs
1 New York Times newspaper
Several bottles of mod podge (can also use white glue)
Foam pain brushes (a few different sizes)

I tried to clean the chairs really good before starting this project. I put a garbage bag on the floor under the chair incase I dropped glue while working.


IMG_9481I ripped the newspaper pieces really small to overlap them. First paint a layer of mod podge then place the newspaper in the spot you want then paint another layer of mod podge over top. Continue for a while. You will want to take breaks to allow the glue to dry before doing too many layers. If you use really small pieces like I did, it will take a long time, but its worth it in the end if thats to look you are going for. Be ware, you will make a mess. Your hands get dirty and sticky, you will make a mess!



The finished product is a New York City inspired chair! I love them, and its so unique. Plus one more thing in my house to remind me of my love of New York City!

-my dachshund decided he wanted to be in this photo 🙂






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