NYC Fashion from 1969

New York City is so fashionable! So many beautiful people walking around with great style, confidently walking down the streets of Manhattan knowing they are at the top of the trends. I have been the tourist many times in my comfy sneakers, jeans and “I love NY” hoodie ready for a full day of walking around the City. One time I walked in front of NY Fashion week and was watching the beautiful outfits exit out of the cabs rushing into the superstructure. As I watch I’m quickly regretting my outfit decision for the day and wishing I would have prioritized fashion over comfort. Somehow my pink running shoes just don’t seem to be cutting it. Actulally truth is if you are walking around the City all day looking at the different sites you really do want to wear comfortable shoes! Trust me! Maybe a compromise of fashion and comfort is a good idea. NYC fashion really is inspiring.

Fashion in NYC is always changing. This cool piece from LIFE features “The New York Look” – fashion from 1969 in NYC. Click here to see all the different photos. Here is the cover of LIFE from 1969. Check out the price on the bottom right corner. 40 cents! LIFE - NY Fashion '69

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