Our new look

Have you noticed we look a little different this week? We have a new logo, and a fresh look to our website and social media outlets! I’m loving our new look!

A big thanks to J16 Media for the amazing designs!

Heres a little run down of all the changes:

Our new logo! The lovely green is inspired from the trees in the new banner photo.


I took the new banner photo on in the West Village last Sunday May 3rd. NYC is looking spectacular this spring so I wanted to share that inspiration!

We’ve added new menu items! In our Main Menu on the top we have:

  • Home
  • About – learn about the person behind NYC inspired – ME and what New York City Inspired is all about, our purpose and what to expect from me in the future.
  • Shop – yes, I love sewing and I sell handmade items that are inspired by NYC including, hipster baby bibs, purses and various other things. Click the shop link in the menu to direct you to my Etsy store.
  • Contact -feel free to contact me! I always love talking to fellow NYC dreamers!

nyc inspired banner ss

We have a brand New Sub Menu making it easier for you to find posts that interest you! These all have drop down menus giving you plenty of options to search from including : NYC living, NYC photography & Inspiring New Yorkers.

All of our social media outlets got a makeover too! Click on any of these photos to be directed to the page. Be sure to like us or follow us on these outlets!


nyc inspired twitter 1



nyc inspired instagram1



nyc inspired pinterest

nyc inspired fb


nyc inspired etsy1


What do you think of our new look? Let me know in the comments below!

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