TBT (June 2007) – My first visit to The Today Show

Happy #TBT! I found these pictures on my computer from June 2007! If I remember correctly we were walking by the Today show and saw them filming on the plaza so we stopped to see if we saw anyone famous. Good thing I had my camera with me, cause sure enough….

IMG_6436 copy

June 2007, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor for NBC News

IMG_6434 copy

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Ann Curry, & Rachel Dratch, June 2007 on The Today Show

IMG_6439 copy

Rachel Dratch & Ann Curry, June 2007 on the Today Show

IMG_6441 copy

Ann Curry, June 2007, on The Today Show

IMG_6442 copy

Rachel Dratch, June 2007 on The Today Show.

IMG_6443 copy

Rachel Dratch, June 2007, The Today Show

Have you ever been to the taping of any shows in NYC? Leave your comments below.

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