Top 10 photos of NYC’s 2016 blizzard

This past weekends blizzard in the northeast was one for the record books! As I’m sure you’ve already seen a ton of coverage on the news and internet featuring all the statistics of the storm. I’ve seen so many great snowy photos from this weekend, so I thought I’d share my favorite NYC Instagrams of the storm. There is something so magical about seeing New York City calm and snowy! It’s like a dream.


After the storm stroll #nyc #newyorkcity #WinterStormJonas

A photo posted by ⠀Ariel Concepcion (@acestyles) on

Taken by @acestyles of course.

A photo posted by Asya Pearson (@azayzha) on

We’re surviving the snow with Patience and Fortitude! Be sure to tag us in your snowy NYPL photos today. ❄️❤️

A photo posted by The New York Public Library (@nypl) on

A photo posted by Travis (@nycdimps) on

Really hoping the weatherman is right about this weekend ☃

A photo posted by Mike Gutkin NYC (@mc_gutty) on

And if you haven’t already seen this viral video by Casey Neistat from this weekends blizzard, definetly check it out!! This guy is amazing!!

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