What is New York City Inspired?

What is New York City Inspired?

I stared this blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook a few months ago and have basically used it as an outlet to post anything about NYC. My purpose with NYC inspired is this…..to share the inspiration that New York City has given me. This blog is to share my personal journey, sometimes light and fun, sometimes a little more deep and itimate. Just like everyone else, my life has had it’s bumps in the road and I’ve had the choice to be defeated and choose to live in a “barely putting effort in” kind of way, or I can live it in a “New York City Inspired” way. What is New York City inspiration? To me, New York City represents, dreams, ambition, strength, determination, the “best of the best”, beauty, character, and so many more things. NYC is filled with so many different walks of life. People living in their $20 million Central Park West apartment making millions and billions of dollars. People living in a tiny rat infested studio apartment that rent alone costs 75% of their take home pay each month. All these different walks of life share the same sidewalks, sit side by side on the same subway to work, and get coffee from the same Starbucks. New York is expensive, loud, busy, crowded, and did I say, expensive? If you live there, you have probably made the choice to live there. There are so many factors that make it difficult to live there – unless ofcourse you have a REALLY rich uncle, you have to work that much harder! To me a New Yorker is a dreamer, someone with incredible ambition, someone who doesn’t let defeat keep them down, if anything defeat is a kick in the butt to try harder. Afterall you could just move to Nebraska and live in a giant house and have 2 new cars for the amount you pay for your tiny apartment in NYC! This is all so inspiring to me. I love New York City. Since the first time I visited 12 years ago I fell inlove. I felt like I never wanted to leave. I love the city life, I love the character each neighborhood and borough brings. Its the greatest city in the world, and I want to be a part of it everyday!

SO, what can you expect with New York City Inspired:

– writing about my personal journey of living an “inspired” life
– sharing NYC videos, photos, and thoughts from my New York adventures
-sharing other inspiring stories – hoping that  it will inspire you to live you your dreams if thats in NYC, London, or maybe even where you are now. Becoming the best version of you!

-i love taking pictures! I promise to share all my NYC love on Instagram! (find us at newyorkcityinspired)

Twitter (@NYCinspiredus) & Facebook (@ New York City Inspired)
-an outlet to share from my blog and Instagram and other random NYC loves 🙂

Pinterest (@New York City Inspired)
-ALL THINGS NYC! – Boards include: “Christmas in NYC”,  “Things to do in NYC” &  “Vintage NYC” “Small space living”


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