Appreciate your space : small space living #6

Happy Wednesday! I hope your enjoying this amazing spring weather wherever you are!

Today’s Appreciate your space : small space living is dedicated to studio apartments. Chances are if you are living in suburbia you don’t live in a 300 square foot studio apartment, BUT, imagine how organized your space could be if you lived like you only had 300 square feet? When my husband and I first moved to the Northeast we looked at so many apartments. Of course the closer you are to NYC the more expensive it is for a glorified closet you call a studio apartment. No designated bedroom, many times no closet space, a tiny “kitchen” consisting of a couple cabinets in the corner. So, today’s post is in honor of the tiny NYC studio’s. I chose todays inspiring small spaces because they are organized, stylish and look like a comfortable place to live.

Today’s 5 inspiring spaces are from Apartment Therapy and you can find them all on Pinterest by clicking each photo.

1. A great way to make a cozy bedroom space with curtain dividers. It looks like a pretty comfy place to sleep, but also gives separation from the work space.

small studio 1

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

2. I love how they made a bedroom, living room and office, all in one room using furniture to divide up the space! Genius!

small studio 2

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

3. I’m not quite sure if they built the walls around the bed like this, but they did a great job of dividing the bedroom and living room.

small studio 3

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

4. Putting the sofa at the end of the bed initially seems like it wouldn’t separate the spaces enough, but in this photo it really looks like the spaces mesh well together as well as give the room a few different living areas.

small studio 4

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

5. Again, it seems like a curtain is an amazing way to divide your space when there isn’t a wall. It gives privacy, but also allows you to open the curtain and make one large space if your prefer.

smal studio 5

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy

I hope these small space living posts are as inspiring for you as they are for me! I just love small organized spaces that are stylish and functional. It motivates me with my own space at home.

To all the Pinners reading this, I’m on Pinterest and pin a lot of inspiration on NYC – small space living.

As always, please feel free to comment below any thoughts you have on todays post 🙂

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