Bronx Zoo visit

Yesterday I went to the Bronx Zoo. I got a year pass to all the NYC Zoo’s and the NY Aquarium for my birthday and this was my first visit using my membership. (If you live in the NYC Metro area I highly recommend the pass! You get free parking, and lots of discounts.¬†Click here to view membership info). It was so beautiful! The landscape is very beautiful, so many beautiful trees and flowers.


These were some of the beautiful flowers throughout the Zoo

They have everything from Lions and Zebras to Gorillas, Polar Bears and Sea Lions.


Our Gorilla friend at the Bronx Zoo

At the Gorilla exibit the Gorillas were putting on quite a show. When we initially walked up to the glass all the gorillas were laying there sleeping. We watched them for a few minutes and one gorilla walked over to the glass directly infront of where we were standing. He started collecting up leaves and branches and made a little bed in front of us. Then all the sudden he would turn and look at us and bang on the glass. Ofcourse at this point a crowd formed around us and all these little kids thought it was pretty funny. Here is a video of the gorillas putting on a show:





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