Easter at the Jersey Shore

After the brutal winter we had in the Northeast, I’m so excited spring has arrived and jackets and gloves are no longer part of my vocabulary!

We spent Easter Sunday at Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore, which is about 85 miles south of NYC. It was pretty busy, lots of families out enjoying the sunshine. Most of the stores and restaurants were open, which don’t really open up full time until Memorial Day weekend after being closed all winter.

My husband Alex loves making videos, and I love taking pictures. So we decided to head to the beach with our cameras and enjoy the sunshine. Heres a video Alex put together from our adventure on the Jersey Shore on Easter Sunday, and below that are a few photos I took (with my iphone 5S).

Photo Apr 05, 1 50 47 PM

Seaside Heights, New Jersey April 2015

Photo Apr 05, 1 59 44 PM

It wasn’t warm enough to put my toes in the sand, so I settled for my Toms in the sand (cheesy joke, I know!)

Photo Apr 05, 1 55 47 PM

Perfect day at the Jersey Shore

Photo Apr 05, 1 59 35 PM

Alex getting video of the seagulls

Photo Apr 05, 1 55 30 PM

You can see the rides on the pier in the distance, which were all up running.

Photo Apr 05, 2 02 02 PM

Lots and lots of seagulls hanging out

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore, and if so, what’s your favorite spot or favorite place to eat? Let me know in the comments below.

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