Famous NYC movie & TV locations

NYC is the iconic city from so many movies and TV shows. As a kid I always thought New York looked like such a magical place in movies like Home Alone 2 or Miracle on 34th Street.  So many of my favorite shows and movies are based in New York, so visiting the spots the show was either filmed in, or is the TV home to the characters I love, is pretty exciting! Here are some locations I’ve checked out since moving here almost 3 years ago.

*The first picture under each title is the photo I took, and the second one is the screenshot from the TV or movie scene.

King of Queens – one of my very favorite shows staring Kevin James and Leah Remini! The TV home of Doug and Carrie Heffernan is actually located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey!

King of Queens home

My photo – located in Cliffside Park, NJ

King of Queens, TV show home

Screenshot from the TV show home.

Blue Bloods – the home to Tom Selleck’s character, Commissioner Frank Reagan is located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In the show they say they are from Bay Ridge, so no lying here!

Blue Bloods home, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

My photo I took in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Blue Bloods TV Show home

A screenshot from the TV show home.

Sex and the City – Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is located at 66 Perry St in the West Village. As with all these homes/apartments, someone really lives there, and in this case there is a small barricade to kindly remind people to keep off the stoop.

Carrie Bradshaw's home in Sex and the City

My photo I took in the West Village.

TV home to Carrie Bradshaw

A screenshot of the TV show apartment.

Friends – the exterior apartment featured in the opening scenes of the show. This building is home to Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey, in addition to Central Perk located below. It’s located at 100 Bedford St on the corner of Grove in Greenwich Village.

Apartment from Friends in NYC

My photo I took in Greenwich Village.

Apartment from the show Friends

A screenshot of the TV show apartment.

Moonstruck – The home to Cher’s character Loretta Castorini is located in Brooklyn Heights on an incredibly beautiful street on the corner of Cranberry and Willow.

Cher's Brooklyn home in the movie Moonstruck

My photo I took in Brooklyn Heights.

Moonstruck, movie starring Cher

A screenshot of the movie scene home.

Goodfellas – The house where Joe Pesci’s character “Tommy”realizes too late that he’s been set up…is located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Goodfellas movie location

My photo I took in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Scene from Goodfellas

A screenshot of the movie scene home.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – there are so many iconic NYC scenes in this movie, but here is where Kevin goes to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. In real life it’s absolutely stunning!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

My photo I took at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time.

NYC Christmas scene in Home Alone 2

A screenshot of the movie scene.

Serendipity – the location from the movie where Jonathan and Sarah have their first date. It’s located at 225 East 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in Manhattan.

Serendipity, NYC

My photo I took at the Manhattan location.

serendipity movie scene

A screenshot from the movie scene.

NYC isn’t always portrayed in an accurate way in TV and movies, like on the show Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw pays $750 a month for rent. That 1 bedroom apartment is currently on the market for $2.65 million! Big price difference!!! It’s still fun to see these locations in person, as it really brings some of the characters to life. I will keep checking out more locations and share them with you!

Do you have any favorite New York TV or movie scenes you want to check out? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to check them out and share!

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