It’s springtime in Queens

My parents stopped in NYC to visit us on their way home from a trip to Europe. We had a fun 20 hours showing them around the City we adore, including a trip to the Village for pizza, a stroll around midtown to see the NYC essentials like the Empire State building and Times Square. They’ve been to NYC a few times before, but hey, these sights never get old!!!

Before heading to the airport the next day we thought, let’s take them to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to see the Unisphere. Incase you aren’t familiar with The Unisphere, its a 12 story high steel globe that was constructed for the Worlds Fair in 1964. (I will do a future post about Flushing Meadows – Corona Park so stay tuned for more info soon).

We went for a little adventure into the park to show them the globe. To my surprise some flowers have already started to bloom on the surrounding trees. We’ve been having really warm temperatures lately and it seems like spring came early this year. It made me so excited because, I really do love every season in NYC, but spring and fall are my favorites because I love the colors each of these seasons bring. Here are a few photos from our little adventure in Queens.


Spring in Queens

Had to get a family selfie in at The Unipshere!

IMG_2243 copy

My family!

The park is pretty close to LaGuardia airport, so you see lots of planes in the air. See directions here.

IMG_2265 copy

The Unisphere in Queens

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I hope you enjoyed this little post! Have you ever been to the Unisphere? Leave a comment below!

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