My first Mets game at Citi Field

I’m a Yankees fan, and there’s no changing that. BUT, it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in checking out all the great teams New York has to offer. When it comes down to it, I’m always gonna cheer for the home team, New York!

On a hot Sunday afternoon in June we headed to our first Mets game in Queens (thanks to my sister in law for inviting us!). I’d never been to Citi field, or even seen the Mets play, so it was a day of firsts.

The stadium is beautiful! It was built to replace Shea Stadium which was home to the Mets from 1964-2008. Shea was demolished in 2009 and became the parking lot for the new home to the Mets, Citi Field. Citi Field

We came in the front entrance which is named the Jackie Robinson Rotunda after the great Brooklyn Dodgers player, where they honor his life and his accomplishments.

Citi Field, Queens

It was free hat day for the first 18,000 fans!

Citi Field, Queens

Every time the Mets get a home run that red apple rises out of the ground.

Citi Field, Queens

You can walk across Shea bridge, a pedestrian bridge in the outfield where they have details about the old Shea Stadium.

Citi Field, Queens

Shea Bridge, Citi Field

Shea Stadium

They have Shake Shack in Citi Field! The best!

Shake Shack, Citi Field

Shack burger and fries, a must!

Shake Shack, Citi Field

Kind of a terrible picture, but Kevin James does the announcements throughout the stadium on screen. They are hilarious, and I loved it! As a huge King of Queens fan, I couldn’t help but think of Doug and Carrie Heffernan and the episode when they go to “Mets jail”. I love that show!

Kevin James, Citi Field

They have the Pepsi sign in the outfield as a miniature version of the iconic one in Long Island City, Queens.

Citi Field, Home of the Mets

Citi Field

Citi Field

The Mets played against the Atlanta Braves (the Mets won!).

The New York Mets, Citi Field

Met game, Citi Field

A close up of the Pepsi sign.

Citi Field, Queens

Mets game, Citi Field

Citi Field, Mets game

Citi Field, Mets game

It was a really fun day! As a New York lover I can say that the Mets are my second favorite baseball team….next to my Yankees of course. Nothing like a summer day in New York enjoying a baseball game. I love this City 🙂

So let’s hear it! Are you a Yankee fan or a Mets fan? Let me know in the comments below!

*These pictures were all taken with my iphone 5S and my Canon 60D and kit lens.

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