NYC couple fit a nursery into their 400 square ft apartment

Most New Yorkers sacrifice spacious living in order to call NYC home. Small studio apartments and total living spaces of 400 square feet is life for many New Yorkers. NYC is so expensive many find it impossible to call Manhattan home. This couple featured on Refinery 29 live in the East Village in Manhattan and love their small 400 square foot studio. When they found out they were expecting a baby they decided to get creative with their current space rather than leave the apartment and neighborhood they love so much. For most, 400 square feet of living space could be a challenge for 1 person, but they have made the most of their living space by utilizing every inch of space they have. It’s very inspiring to see how beautiful they made their space! Click here to read the whole piece, be sure to click through all the pics.


We have tall ceilings in our apartment so creating a built-in shelving/closet for Iheln worked really well. The key to living vertical is organization and knowing what you need to access on a daily basis. Place items you may only need sporadically at a higher level, while the everyday items are within reach.

make room for baby

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